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With their 60th birthdays imminent, two best friends chose radically different approaches to their 7th decade. Wilderness went on a 30 day silent retreat and wrote poetry. Her poem, “Hags and Crones” became the inspiration for Wrinkles, The Musical.  Naomi headed straight to the doc for Botox, which was the inspiration for her song, “Cosmetic Surgery Blues!” 


During the following 8 years, Naomi and Wilderness workshopped with and interviewed over 100 women, aged 60-95. They shared their experiences of aging in monologues, skits, and storytelling. From this work, a 30 minute revue was developed and premiered at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre to sold out houses.

Over the next several years, Naomi and Wilderness were joined by Nina Schuessler, artistic director of Cape Cod Theatre Company, who is known for taking new work from “the page to the stage,” and celebrated musician and composer, Malcolm Granger.

'Wrinkles' honors those who live authentically _ those who are brave and fearless storytellers.

A cast of extraordinary talent was assembled, and in 2017, Wrinkles,The Musical was launched to critical acclaim, sold out houses and an invitation to reprise the show for an encore season in 2018.


Dani Davis, Broadway producer and Emmy winning song writer, signed on to guide Wrinkles toward its first professional production in the fall of 2019. Nine years after its birth on the Wellfleet stage, Wrinkles, The Musical returned as a highly praised equity production with a stellar cast of women, all with major Broadway credits.


We are deeply indebted to all who have helped bring this labor of love to fruition, to honor the aging process, and to challenge the cultural stereotype of “the invisible old woman.”

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