A celebration of Women and Aging

LOCATION: "Living Legends Elder Alternative Project” (LEAP) is a a large and very active over 55 community in central Florida.

TIME: Present day

SYNOPSIS: A show within a show. New resident Aja, a retired drama teacher with some directorial credits, and her wife, Sal, a musician, have moved to be close to Aja’s Aunt Beulah, who has become hearing impaired.  Aja has decided to reach out to the community to stage a show to raise money for charity as well as to make new friends. She has cajoled Sal into joining this creative effort.  They place an ad in the “Living Legends Ledger,” the monthly newsletter, calling for over-65 actors, singers, and dancers interested in creating and performing a show for the community.

Auditions were held and rehearsals began in early fall for their revue, called “Wrinkles, the Musical.”  The women have already developed the kind of closeness that backstage intensity can produce in a short time. The women  share their stories, joys, sadness, strengths, and weaknesses. They share their tears and laughter, their sex lives and deeply held secrets; they even share a joint. The on-stage revue also holds the key to much of their history and as the show goes on, more of their personal stories are incorporated into the revue.

TAKEAWAY: Their stories are ultimately empowering, with the message that through it all—the losses, sickness, even death—they rise above, persevere, live life to its fullest. They are strong, active, caring human beings, not the stereotype of invisible old women.

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